Saare Unflavored yoghurt 5% 400g


Saare unflavored yoghurt with a soft taste has a particularly dense and shape-retaining consistency typical of Greek and Turkish yogurt. Saare plain yogurt with 5% fat tastes just as good as yogurt with 10% fat. To obtain a dark and full consistency, no thickeners or starches are used, but this is achieved with a high dry matter content. Milk proteins are 8% in Saare plain yogurt. Plain yogurt with a silky taste is suitable for both breakfast and as a snack, but it is especially good for making cold sauces and layered desserts. The product is a very good alternative to cream cheese and sour cream for people in shape. The very good taste of yogurt also comes from the raw materials, which are always fresh and of high quality. Saaremaa bark comes from the local natural and ecologically clean environment.

Ingredients: lard, skimmed milk, heavy cream, milk protein, leaven, rennet. Store at a temperature of +2 ºC to +6 ºC. 100 g of product contains on average: energy 440 kJ/105 kcal, proteins 8 g, carbohydrates 7 g, fats 5 g.

High in protein

Contains beneficial live lactic acid bacteria Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. in Bulgaria

Does not contain E substances