Food Safety and Quality Policy

The goal of Saaremaa DeliFood OÜ is to offer high-quality dairy products based on the company’s vision and mission, following established legislation and ensuring food safety throughout the production chain.

To follow the company’s food safety and quality policy:

we produce and offer safe, quality, authentic and legally regulated products

we ensure customer satisfaction through our product development and improvement

we provide customers with clear and comprehensible product information

we ensure that our use of resources is sustainable

we use technology that enables efficient and high-quality work

we prevent potential hazards and correct issues throughout the process, from sourcing raw materials to distributing the finished product

we ensure that our employees have the necessary competence to manufacture our products

we provide the company’s employees with suitable tools and a safe working environment to ensure food safety

we ensure that all staff are aware of the company’s food safety policy and that it is implemented and continuously improved

we strive to minimise our ecological footprint in our work

we ensure that the raw materials, packaging and equipment used for the production of products is inspected for product safety and that storage follows supplier requirements

we follow the good manufacturing practice (GMP) at all stages of production and ensure that the requirements of the management system standard and legislation are met

we are reliable partners to our customers and partners by delivering our products on time and in accordance with the standards

we analyse and respond to our customers’ feedback and complaints about our products

we educate our food safety group on the directives, legislation and documents of the European Union and others

we are open to discuss anything regarding food safety in a broader sense with our partners – documents are presented during quality visits/audits

we have a clear action plan to develop food quality culture