Saare Eco

We follow the requirements and principles of organic food production in the production of our organic products.
We use only organic raw materials to produce organic products.
We source our organic raw materials from approved suppliers who have a valid organic certification.

Organic products are healthy, clean, free of pesticide residues and artificial additives and do not contain genetically modified organisms.
Organic production is reliable, controlled and supervised by the state.

Organic two-part yoghurts with berry (150 g) are made from organic milk and have a mild, slightly sour taste characteristic of yoghurt. The berries are also sourced from organic farming.

Eco quark bar (40 g) is made from organic ingredients and has a creamy taste and consistency, covered with an organic glaze.
Curd snacks are a curd sweet with a long tradition and history, the main ingredients of which are curd and glaze (may also be filled and/or flavoured). The main ingredients of the creamy organic curd snack produced in Saaremaa are organic cream, milk and butter. They are loved by children and adults alike.

Organic quark bars are exceptionally tasty and rich.
All this makes for a delicious curd snack.
Rich and tasty, with a consistency characteristic of curd.

The production of organic products results in sustainable products and helps the customer make better choices. Organic products are labelled with the EU organic logo. The names of organic products have a reference to being organic.

No synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, growth hormones or feed additives have been used in the cultivation of organic raw materials. Irradiation of food and the use of GMOs are prohibited.
Organic farming pays great attention to environmental protection and ecological balance.