Saare Greek Yogurt 10% 380g


Saare Greek yogurt with 10% fat is made from milk collected from the farms of Saaremaa, which comes from the local natural and ecologically clean environment. Soft Greek yogurt with a full composition is ideal for dipping sauces with various herbs, tzatziki and other sauces, as well as for dessert. The ideal combination is Saare Greek yogurt mixed with whipped cream and various toppings. For example, honey, berries, jam, muesli are suitable for yogurt. Greek yogurt is good for breakfast and dinner, but also a nice snack during the day.

Ingredients: buttermilk, skimmed milk, cream, milk protein, dairy culture, rennet.

100 g of product contains on average: energy content 532 kJ/128 kcal, fats 10.0 g, of which saturated fatty acids 5.5 g; carbohydrates 5.0 g, of which sugars 5.0 g; proteins 4.5 g, salt 0.10 g.

Store at a temperature of +2 ºC to +6 ºC